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Welcome to City Gate Suites

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Mississauga’s Best Short Term Rental Apartments

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Welcome to City Gate Suites

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Tips to Conquer Your Holiday Shopping

The holidays are approaching us fast and furious as the year comes to an end! While this is an exciting time filled with lots of love and laughter, it can also be dreadful to prepare for. Shopping for you holiday gifts for your loved ones is not an easy feat. We’re here to make it that much easier with our best tips for making your holiday shopping easier.


Shop online

it’s 2018 and shopping from the comfort of your own bed has never been easier! Why bother going outside in the snow and standing in long lines at the cash register if you don’t need to? Do yourself a favour and do your shopping online this holiday season. Almost every retail store has an online website that you can order from, so you’re not missing out by staying at home. Amazon is our top pick for holiday shopping, because you can find gifts for everyone.


Order early

With so many people doing their shopping online, the post offices might be backed up. If you’re doing your shopping online, order your gifts in advance so you can be sure to receive them on time.


Use a coupon code finder

This one is probably our favourite tip, so we’ve saved the best for last! Use an internet browser add on feature that automatically searches the internet for coupon codes and applies them to your purchase at checkout. A great one to use is called Honey. You can download the add on to your browser of choice and let it do the work and save you valuable cash!

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6 Tips For Travelling


For people that frequently travel between Canada and the USA, NEXUS is an excellent way to speed up the process when travelling. Individuals must apply for a NEXUS pass with the government, who must approve each applicant. This pass will help you to save time at the border.


2. Bring snacks

Airport food tends to be very pricey, and often it isn’t very good. Pack yourself some snacks to keep you full while you wait to board the plane. We suggest you bring a sandwich for a meal, as these are easy to bring along in your carry-on bag.


3. Make sure your laptop is accessible

If you’re a business traveller then this tip is very important for you! Make sure that you don’t pack your laptop deep in your luggage. We suggest keeping your laptop in your carry-on bag where you can easily access it. Wait times for boarding the plane tend to be very long, so during this time you can productively get some work done on your laptop.


4. Portable battery

Outlets tend to be a hot commodity in airports, so to avoid running into the issue of having an uncharged cell phone bring a portable battery pack. This will also come in handy if you need a charge while you’re on the plane.


 5. Online Check-In

This is probably the most important tip on our list! Do your check-in online from home before you come to the airport. This will save you so much time once you get to the airport, as there tend to be very long lines to check-in. You can also print your ticket from home, since some cheaper airlines charge to print the tickets.


6. Follow the rules for baggage

Airlines tend to be very strict on what you can and cannot put in your luggage. Make sure to follow these rules while you’re packing to avoid any complications at the airport. For example, many airlines will only allow you to check a bag that is under 50 pounds in weight. As well, liquids stored in your carry-on bags must be 100ml or less.

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4 Activities To Do This Winter

The temperature has dropped, and a blanket of snow has been laid out across out cities. You might want to just cuddle up under a blanket next to your fireplace with a cup of coffee to stay warm. Or you can embrace the cold weather and do one of these fun winter activities.


1. Skating

Skating is a staple for a winter activity in Canada. It’s a cheap and easy activities for people of all athletic abilities. Many ice rinks offer free skating in Mississauga and Toronto. Our favourite skating rinks are at Celebration Square in Mississauga, Nathan Philips Square in Toronto, and the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Don’t worry if you don’t have your own skates, often times rinks have skates available for rental.


2. Ski or Snowboard

Our personal favourite winter activity is skiing and snowboarding. Although this winter activities tends to be more expensive than the others, it is well worth it. Spend your day on the slopes at any of the several ski resorts location only a short drive outside of the GTA. Some of the most notable resorts include the Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood, and Mount St. Louis Moonstone just north of Barrie. You can rent your equipment at any resort.


3. Toronto Light Festival

The Distillery Historic District hosts their annual light festival from January 27th to March 12th. If you are a fan of unique art instillations, you might want to check out this event. This outdoor event boasts works by both international and local artists, illuminating the city with their popular pieces.


4. Winter at Ontario Place

Ontario Place will be hosting a winter festival, which will transform Toronto’s waterfront into a beautiful sight. There will be winter activities, a light exhibition, and illuminated art displays. This event is free to all, and is open 7 days a week and is open until March 18th. Skate around on the ice rink, and then warm up next to the bonfire. As an added bonus, there will even be film screenings.


5. Icefest

In Toronto, at the popular Bloor-Yorkville village, there will be an annual, enchanted event called Icefest. Icefest will run for two days, starting on February 24th. Here you will find attractions for the whole family, including food vendors, an ice carving competition, and a DJ playing live music.


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Holiday Gift From Us To You

Have you stayed with us in the past? Do you have a friend or family member looking for a short-term rental in Mississauga or the GTA? If you answer yes, then we have a proposition for you!


With the holiday season upon us, we want to give you a gift! If you refer your friend to us and they book a stay in our suite, then we will be happy to give you a $50 MasterCard gift card in return.* We will give you the choice of picking the reward that suits you the best. With hundreds of retailers, restaurants, hotels and attractions in downtown Mississauga to choose from, you are bound to find something that you like. The choice is yours!


City Gate Suites provides exceptional fully furnished rentals in the heart of Mississauga, equipped with the best quality and brand new appliances, furniture, and other household equipment, all for less than the cost of a hotel stay. Our goal is to provide our guests with the most suitable package that lets them enjoy a home away from home feeling.


Referring a friend is easy. Click here and fill out the quick form with your friends contact information.


* Offer applies to first time customers only. If the referee has previously stayed with City Gate Suites, no referral benefit will apply.

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Mississauga’s New Year’s Eve Celebration Guide

Once again, the year has gone by in a flash. December is coming to an end, and that means we get to celebrate the most rowdy holiday of the year, New Year’s Eve! Are you wondering what to do on New Year’s Eve in Mississauga? Ring in the New Year in style at one of these festive events in Mississauga.


Celebration Square’s New Year’s Eve bash

Location: Celebration Square

Time: 8pm-12:15am

Cost: FREE!

This is probably going to be the biggest event in the city on New Year’s Eve, in the heart of Mississauga. Enjoy performances by acts like Trevor Guthrie and GRANDTHEFT, while you awake the big countdown to an array of fireworks at midnight.


New Year’s Eve Gala 2017

Location: Mississauga Grand Banquet & Event Centre

Time: 6pm

Cost: $125 adult, $80 youth

This formal event is perfect for those looking for an upscale evening to celebrate the holiday. Feel like royalty in this beautiful venue while enjoying a culinary feast like no other. Feast at the gourmet antipasto bar, or load your plate at any of the pasta, seafood, or dessert stations. There will also be live musical for entertainment.


Resolutions New Year’s Eve 2018

Location: Habitual Fitness

Time: 9pm

Cost: $50

Looking for a unique experience? This event is hosted by a fitness and lifestyle centre! This gym gets turned into a semi-formal event in honour of New Year’s Eve. There will be an open bar, snacks and refreshments, a live DJ and games like Beer Pong, Twister, and Smash Brothers.



Location: Celebration Square

Time: 10am-11:30pm

Cost: FREE!

If you’re interested in something that is more lowkey, try going skating at the Celebration Square skating rink. This skating rink is a favourite all season long, so this holiday should be no different. You can skate while watching the live entertainment happening at the venue’s New Year’s Eve bash.

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Why Choose Short Term Rentals for Medical Stays

Receiving medical treatment is a difficult and scary task in and of itself, but having to relocate to get your treatment makes it even harder. The last thing you want to do is have to leave the comfort of your own home when faced with this situation. Sometimes relocating is unavoidable, in order to receive the best medical care you can get.


Short term rentals for medical stays can help ease the strain of relocating for medical care. With short term rentals, guest can enjoy almost all the same comforts of home. At City Gate Suites, we like to think of our medical housing as a home away from home. Short term rentals come fully furnished, and equipped with a full kitchen, washer and dryer, bedding, and television. Eat dinner without having to order delivery, wash your laundry without going to the laundromat, and relax in front of the television as if you were at your own home. City Gate Suites will even allow you to bring along your pet, if you have one, to comfort you during your stay.


Choose short term rentals over hotels for your medical stay. Not only do hotels not provide the same features and amenities that short term rentals offer, but they do so at a higher price. Most often, rates for short term rentals are much more favourable than hotels, as hotels expect shorter stays. When planning a stay of a few weeks to a few months, short term rentals tend to be more affordable.

If you are travelling to Mississauga for medical stay, there are some highly acclaimed hospitals in the area. All of City Gate Suites’ buildings are within a short drive from each of the three excellent hospitals. To learn more about the hospitals in and around Mississauga, click here.

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