How to Evaluate Apartments for Rent Near Mississauga

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For those on the hunt, there are tons of options available for apartments for rent near Mississauga. In part, this is due to its proximity to the city of Toronto (Canada’s largest), but also the thriving neighbouring communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that offer so much to potential renters. When there are so many options, it can be difficult to evaluate and ultimately, choose the right apartment for your needs.

If you’re looking for apartments for rent near Mississauga, here are a few things you should consider:

How long are you staying in Mississauga?

If you know you’re in the market for a short-term rental, that will help you eliminate many of the rental listings available. Don’t worry, this is a good thing! You can focus on finding opportunities designed to accommodate short-term stays. Properties like City Gate Suites provide luxury short-term housing solutions across Mississauga for corporate accommodations, re-locations, medical stays and even personal travel, because short-term renters have different needs and considerations. If you’re not looking to lock into a year-long rental contract, consider your options in Mississauga for short-term or extended stay rentals.

What are your preferences for features and amenities?

We’d all love to find an apartment with “all the bells and whistles”, but it’s more important to find the best fit for your lifestyle. For example, if you have a young family, perhaps you need two bathrooms, an ensuite washer/dryer, a larger kitchen, and close access to a daycare or school. If you’re a business traveler in town for an extended stay, your top amenities or features might be a home office space or business centre, easy access to the airport or transportation into downtown Toronto, and a nearby gym or fitness centre. That’s not to say you won’t find stunning boutique-style accommodations with tons of high-end amenities for rent in Mississauga. But, let your lifestyle dictate how you evaluate the amenities and what a property has to offer.

Does location matter?

The city of Mississauga is the third largest city in Ontario, and sixth largest by population in Canada. While size of the city doesn’t necessarily matter, it comes with some serious advantages as a renter. The city is equipped with excellent transportation systems and direct access to surrounding cities and communities. Mississauga’s Square One Shopping Centre is the second largest mall in Canada, providing a shopping destination, entertainment complex, a variety of restaurants and hub for transportation routes in and out of the city. Short-term renters are close-by to schools, hospitals, parks and recreation facilities, community events and activities, etc. With properties located throughout Mississauga, you can find a City Gate Suites short-term rental in an area that’s ideal for you: near the mall, a major highway, a quiet residential street, or even with lake views.

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