Corporate Relocation Housing

One of the most dynamic times for a business can also be one of the most logistically challenging, and that is when a company has grown enough to open more operational locations. It’s always exciting to be able to open a new branch or facility of a business, and it presents a lot of opportunities for both financial and professional growth.

But one of the big hurdles that need to be addressed quickly and efficiently is corporate relocation. While you will naturally be sourcing new hires for a new facility, a lot of key personnel from within your company are likely to be required at the new location. If this is another city—or even province—then the challenge to find a new home for valued employees becomes even more demanding.

Understanding Your Needs

This is where a relocation specialist becomes an invaluable asset in the early stages of corporate relocation housing. If you need to move employees to an unfamiliar location, then there will be a lot of adjustments needed. In addition to what are likely to be new duties and responsibilities at a new facility, employees now have to contend with getting used to a new city with its own landmarks and traditions.

A relocation specialist, however, can expedite much of this process. Corporate relocation housing means that when your first new transfers arrive at their new city, all their housing needs are taken care of. With corporate relocation housing, an immediate, short-term rental solution can be made available for as many personnel as required.

The Lay Of The Land

The biggest advantage of corporate relocation housing is the ability to source temporary housing that is both convenient and accessible for your staff. Once a relocation specialist has all the details how many employees will need housing, and where the new facility is in the city, the specialist can use his or her knowledge the city geography and match that with appropriate housing assets.

In this way, arriving employees have no worries about their immediate housing situation. They will also enjoy either proximity to their new workplace if possible, or housing that is strategically located near either public transportation or major roadways that can quickly get them to their new place of work.

We Make It Easy

Expanding into a new city can be a great opportunity for a business, but it can also have its own unique obstacles that can impede or impair your transition. Your employees are one of your most valuable resources, and if they have remained loyal enough to you to transfer to another city for the sake of the company and their career, you should not take that loyalty lightly.

City Gate Suites is here to listen to your relocation requirements and put our knowledge and expertise of the city’s housing sector to work for you. If you’re planning a major relocation of key personnel in your company, don’t do it disorganized and blind. Contact us and explain your needs and timetable, and we can provide suitable housing for your most important resource until they are happy and familiar enough with their new city to find the housing that is perfect for them.