Housing During Delivery/Pregnancy

At City Gate Suites, we understand that the pregnancy period is an exciting time for a family, but it also brings with it real medical concerns about health and safety. One of the biggest worries is accessibility to proper medical facilities “on the day,” when it’s clear that the delivery is actually going to happen.

Unfortunately, the day of delivery, while medical professionals can estimate it, cannot be taken as an absolute, fixed date. The baby is going to come whenever the baby is going to come. That’s why one good solution to preparing for the delivery day is taking a look at some temporary housing during pregnancy near the medical facility of choice during the final days leading up to delivery.

Convenience & Comfort

One thing you want to ensure if an expectant mother needs temporary housing is that the temporary housing during pregnancy is no less comfortable or accessible than the usual residence. In fact, in many respects, temporary housing during pregnancy should exceed the usual levels a mother is used to dealing with.

A proper suite will have all the expected amenities, such as wireless Internet access, flat-screen televisions to watch, and clean, functioning, kitchen and bathroom facilities. However, these housing facilities can actually make life easier by adding in elevators to reach the suite, and, conveniently, no stairs to climb or descend just to get to and from bed, putting less strain on the mother.

Easy Access

Of course, the main reason that temporary housing is sought as the pregnancy period nears its end is proximity to the chosen hospital where the delivery will take place. This can be an especially important factor for people that have made the decision to have the delivery take place at a larger, more modern hospital in an urban centre if those people don’t live in the area.

Making the drive from a rural area to an urban centre means not only gambling with the long distances involved, but the unpredictability of traffic once you start to get closer to those urban centres. A baby does not schedule his or her delivery for the most convenient time of day, meaning that if it happens during rush hour when everyone is trying to get home, there’s nothing you can do but sit in that traffic jam, hope, and pray.

Peace Of Mind

In addition to having the security of knowing the chosen hospital is not very far away, there comes the added comfort of knowing that even if there are any additional medical concerns or complications that may arise, the hospital, fully staffed, with the latest medical equipment, is right there. In the event that something should require professional medical attention even before delivery occurs, the expectant family can act rapidly to get the expectant mother admitted, examined and treated, without any of the anxiety that comes from trying to make it quickly to the hospital from much further afield.

City Suite Gates is here for any expectant family that wants to make absolutely sure that temporary housing during pregnancy has the proximity, the safety, the comfort and the convenience to reduce the stress of the pregnancy period. If you want to make sure that you have easy access to your chosen medical facility, come to us and find out what your options are for temporary housing during delivery.