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Mississauga presents excellent professional opportunities for business, with 72 Fortune 500 companies having their head office, regional division office, and other facilities located right within the city. Also, the strategic proximity to Toronto and the Pearson International Airport give easy access to some of the most critical business and transport facilities in the entire province and country, without the high cost of property rental and maintenance that come with staying directly in Toronto.

For professionals, the best apartments in Mississauga that meet their working needs are not necessarily the ones sourced through traditional means. While apartments for short-, medium- and long-term stays can be acquired simply through online searches, or new providers such as Airbnb, these choices may not necessarily be the best option for people with business agendas.

Corporate Relocation

The best apartments in Mississauga for companies that are relocating their employees to a new regional office are all about efficiency. Having to find one individual apartment after another for each employee can be both costly and, more importantly, time-consuming.

But with options such as luxury rentals from City Gate Suites, finding the best apartments in Mississauga for a group of employees becomes much easier and faster. All you have to do is input your request with the company, and let them do all the legwork, looking at their resources and handling your requests for a fast, organized housing solution that is tailored to your needs.

Reliable Quality

Quality control is another consideration for professionals when looking to provide employee housing during a relocation. Contracting out blocks of hotel suites, while easy, would not be very cost-effective. On the other hand, the controlled and professionally maintained environment of a hotel makes this type of living arrangement much more comfortable for residents.

The other alternative, individually sourcing different housing arrangements through Airbnb is incredibly time-consuming and introduces many random variables. There are no guarantees on a minimum level of quality or maintenance, and in some cases, an Airbnb listing may not even be legal.

Professionally maintained living spaces are the best apartments in Mississauga for business requirements. These types of suites are both lower in overall cost and provide access to a reliable level of quality living space that can be looked after by professionals, just like a hotel.

Made to Order

One of the more significant concerns for corporate relocation is how to make employees comfortable in a new, unfamiliar city, so they can quickly “hit the ground running.” A fully furnished living space that is regularly serviced makes for the best living situation in Mississauga, but it also means that companies can rest assured their needs are fully met. For example, a company opening a new office in Mississauga may desire corporate housing options that are close to the office, or near a particular point of public transportation to make work access easier for newly relocated employees.

An office may even require certain conditions such as Wi-Fi or good Internet access that will allow employees more efficient computer use, even while at home. A professional solution means employers can specify all these conditions with the service provider, ensuring that these needs are addressed, and everyone feels comfortable during their stay.

City Gate Suites has been helping companies with small to large scale relocations for years. We’re here to listen to your relocation requirements and put our knowledge and expertise of the city’s housing sector to work for you. With four locations in prime Mississauga neighbourhoods, we can provide suitable housing for your most important resource.


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