Best Apartments in Mississauga that are Pet-Friendly

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For many pet owners, it is often a daunting task to find a place that will accommodate their pets while they are absent.  Not every family member or friend is willing to look after pets! For this reason among others, many pet owners are left having to search relentlessly for a place that will look after their pets. However, such places are difficult to find. Discovering the best apartments in Mississauga that are willing to host guests and their pets are limited. However, with City Gate Suites, pet owners can find pleasure in traveling and reserving a suite for their extended family member.

At City Gate Suites Your Furry Family Members Have a Home

Our company is dedicated to offering our clients the most exceptional experience when they stay with us. That is why we are entirely open to hosting guests and their pets in our suites. We understand the feeling of defeat and frustration that comes with finding pet-friendly accommodations since not many places oblige. City Gate Suites understands and works to find solutions for you and your furry family members. We understand how crucial it is for individuals to have their pets with them while they are away, especially if they are visiting Mississauga for an extended period.

Mississauga is a Pet-Friendly City

City Gate Suites is centrally located in Mississauga. Guests bringing their pets will be thrilled to know that many parks and pathways are nearby to the property. A substantial amount of them are pet-friendly permitting guests to take their pets for a stroll. Additionally, there are pet day cares, dog walkers, pet stores, vets, and many other services available to owners and their loving animals.

City Gate Suites Provides A Very Accommodating Stay

The purpose of our suites is to provide a place of comfort while guests stay with us. For this reason, we offer fully furnished suites, with Wifi access, a sofa, queen-size bed, flat-screen TV, modern appliances and many other essentials. So, whether you are traveling for business, pleasure, medical reasons, or for any other purpose, we are committed to offering you and your pet a comfortable stay. At City Gate Suites we are devoted to honouring your needs during your visit.

Contact Us To Book Your Extended Stay in Mississauga

City Gate Suites offers the best apartments in Mississauga. All of our units are modernly designed and decorated to suit the tastes of our guests. We believe in providing a fantastic experience, and our team is devoted to offering this service. If you are planning an extended stay in Mississauga and wish to bring your pet along, contact our team at 1-800-954-9188 for details on accommodations.

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