The Best Family Activities in Mississauga

A family day in Mississauga can turn into a really exciting event for everyone involved. The city has a lot to offer to all visitors, regardless of age. If you need a bit of inspiration in terms of finding family activities Mississauga, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the top family activities Mississauga.

Visit Bradley Museum

The heritage attraction is a family favourite because it features the restored house of two of the earliest Mississauga settlers – Elizabeth and Lewis Bradley. There’s a lot to see and explore. Maple trees with taps, maple sugar moulding, a fire pit and a horse wagon ride rank among the top attractions. Both younger and older kids will enjoy the activities and learn a bit about the life of settlers. The big barn next to the house is a place where children and eager parents can attempt to do an array of crafts.

Family Day Extravaganza

The Family Day Extravaganza also ranks among the best family activities Mississauga. This is an annual event that takes place at Mississauga Convention Centre in February. The event features a wide array of entertainment options. Live dog shows, a craft workshop, a safari science experience and various sports event rank among the top crowd pleasers. The event’s official website provides more information about the upcoming editions of Family Day Extravaganza and the events that will be taking place.

Trampoline Fun

Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park that will please both children and grown-up kids. The activity is perfect for families that want to have fun together while enjoying a bit of exercise, as well. The indoor trampoline park has trampolines for people of all ages. On top of just visiting the place to jump around, you can go there whenever a special event is taking place. Glow is a birthday party update that takes place in the evening. SkyRobics workouts are perfect for getting in a better physical shape. There’s also dodgeball and trampoline basketball.

Learn More about Nature

When it comes to family activities Mississauga, it’s important to focus on at least one great educational opportunity. Green Hands Workshop provides a wonderful one. Green Hands Workshop gives children and their parents a chance to learn more about growing plants and vegetables. Kids will also be thought a lot about recycling and transforming different waste materials into useful items.

There are numerous events to choose among. The eco-art studio focuses on recycling. The family workshop encourages cooperation between kids and parents. There are also eco-parties and after-school programs.