The Best Mississauga Vegetarian Restaurants

Being a vegetarian used to be really difficult, especially when you wanted to go out to eat. Everyone’s solution was to have either a salad or a reheated veggie burger. As more establishments realize that vegetarians want fresh delicious food too, your options have expanded. Like many other cities, the number of Mississauga vegetarian restaurants has increased significantly.

If you are visiting here are some of the six best Mississauga vegetarian restaurants for you to consider.

Zen Gardens

One of the best-rated restaurants of any kind, Zen Gardens easily tops the list of best Mississauga vegetarian restaurants. Whether you are vegetarian or just like delicious healthy food, there is something on the menu for you. The Asian fusion cuisine is for anyone who loves traditional dishes and those are looking for something creative. From soy drumsticks and fritters to fried radish pastry, there are plenty of choices.

The Cold Pressery

The Cold Pressery has a rather long list of different vegetarian foods. From tacos to Portobello toast to traditional smoothies and shakes, this is easily one of the best Mississauga vegetarian restaurants. Sit back and enjoy a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner for a reasonable price. The presentation is also highly unique, giving you a great visual experience with your meal.

Masala Bites

In terms of service, atmosphere, and food, Masala Bites consistently ranks at the top of the list. With a mix of Indian, Pakistani, and Asian dishes, you can try a less traditional version of Asian fusion, vegetarian or vegan style. From their amazing customer service to their exception food, this is one vegetarian restaurant that knows how to elevate the expectations of eating as a vegetarian.

Raw Aura

Taking the experience a little further, Raw Aura is not only vegetarian, their foods are all organic. You can go in expecting something unique because this restaurant is highly creative. With a bit of a bistro feel to it, the atmosphere is comfortable and the smells heavenly. It is pricier than the other options on this list, but that has not been a problem. Make sure to plan ahead as Raw Aura can get very crowded during peak business hours. Whether you are on a date, meeting a group of friends, or want to treat yourself, this is one place to consider.

Guru Lukshmi

For an unforgettable Indian food experience, Guru Lukshmi is your best choice. The atmosphere is nice, but it is the food that is really memorable. With more than reasonable prices (particularly for a vegetarian restaurant), you will have a range of choices that will make it difficult to settle on a single dish. You will probably be leaving with a little extra too, so you can continue to enjoy it long after leaving.

The Maharaja

If you want great Indian ambiance and a mix of Indian and other Asian foods, The Maharaja is a fantastic choice. From the appearance inside to the way the food is presented, the place is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the stomach. Slightly more expensive than the Guru Lukshmi, The Maharaja also does services for weddings and other events.