The Best Places to Eat in Mississauga for Every Cuisine

If you are a foodie, then chances are you are looking for the best places to eat in Mississauga and you’re in luck! Mississauga has an array of cuisines to choose from. Some of the restaurants, well, most of them even have other options on the menus, outside of the cuisine, so if you come with a party everyone can be happy! Below, you will find the places to eat in Mississauga in all these categories, and more.

Vegan – Raw Aura Organic Cuisine

If you are in Mississauga and you’re looking for a vegan restaurant, look no further than Raw Aura. Not only is this one of those restaurants that is listed on all the top restaurant lists, but they offer more than just vegan food. They also have vegetarian and gluten free options too. A few of their most popular dishes are; Ravioli with red beets, the Falafel Wrap and Yellow Coconut Curry Noodles.

Seafood – La Castile’ Steak and Seafood

La Castile is a name that most people know in Mississauga simply because of how good the food is. But, make sure you call ahead and reserve a table because they tend to be pretty busy almost every night of the week. This tends to be more of a dressy place, than casual, which makes it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner for two! Check out the Oysters Rockefeller, Filet Mignon (wrapped in bacon!), and the Broiled Atlantic Filet of Salmon.

Mexican Restaurant – Burrito Boyz

If you are looking for the best places to eat in Mississauga in the Mexican category, Burrito Boyz is about as good as it gets. They also have gluten free options as well. As one would assume, their best selling item are the burritos, but you should also be on the look out for the fresh ingredients they use in all over their food items, from burritos, to enchiladas to their tacos.

American Restaurant – Union Social Eatery

If tacos don’t sound good, or you aren’t in the mood for seafood, and you just want a casual and relaxing place to eat – check out Union Social for one of the best places to eat in Mississauga. Most of the items on the menu are what you would expect from an American restaurant; burgers and fries, wings, and pasta. But, they also snuck in some other dishes too if that is something you want; Korean Swordfish Steak, BBQ Short rib Poutine and a few sushi-esque items as well.

Fusion – Masala Bites

This one has a little bit of everything too, from Indian and Asian to Pakistani food, however, they also have vegetarian friendly items, vegan options, halal and gluten free. Its a really well rounded restaurant and its listed on most all of the best places to eat in Mississauga! They have everything here but a few of the dishes to consider; Steak Kebabs, Shahi Paneer and the Goat Curry.

Italian  – Piatto Bistro

If you’re really in the mood for some quality Italian dishes, make sure you check out Piatto off of Dundas Street in Mississauga. Not only do they have some of the best Italian dishes around, but they have a wine menu to match. Check out the Spaghetti Pescatore, Piatto (asparagus, artichoke and cream with veal), and the Risotto. If you’ve never had Risotto, Piattos is the place to try it.

Clearly you can see just from the 6 options above, Mississauga is not about to disappoint you. If its variety you want, then variety is what you will get!