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Individuals flock to Mississauga for many reasons. However in some situations, despite how planned these visits are, situations can arise that lead individuals to stay longer than anticipated. When this occurs, an extended stay in Mississauga can become an issue, as individuals are often left confused and uncertain of where to stay. City Gate Suites offer the perfect accommodations for such instances.

Hotel Stays Can Be Limiting and Expensive

Hotels are typically ideal for very short visits, and even so, they can become costly over time. Should your trip require an unforeseen extension, consider City Gate Suites. We provide rental suites for people seeking to stay in Mississauga longer than anticipated.

Our short-term rental units are furnished with all of the right necessities. These include deluxe queen-size beds, sofas, dining tables, modern appliances, flat screen TV’s, Wifi, and other furnishings. Additional building amenities such as swimming pools, fitness facilities, lounges, theatre rooms and more provide individuals with the ultimate accommodations during their stay.

Take Advantage of Local Facilities & Marvels

By staying in a unit offered by City Gate Suites, you will always have access to local attractions. In Mississauga, Square One Shopping Mall, Streetsville, and local grocery stores are easily accessible. For individuals seeking a bit of adventure and fun, landmarks such as Credit River, Port Credit Lighthouse, Celebration Square, and City Hall are available to explore. Each of these sights offers guests something unique to discover and enjoy during their stay.

Square One Shopping Mall boasts of 2,200,000 square feet of retail space. Anyone visiting this shopping centre will find something to enjoy because it’s home to some of the best retailers and restaurants around. Streetsville a pleasant neighbourhood next door to Mississauga, perfect for exploring in your downtime. Many individuals enjoy the little boutiques, bars, and restaurants it offers.

Credit River is known for its abundance of fish, especially salmon. The salmon run that occurs from August to November and also during the spring is a popular sight. Port Credit is beautiful, especially at night. It was built in 1991 and serves as a reminder to the community of its marine heritage.

Celebration Square and City Hall is an impressive space for many individuals. It hosts a variety of festivals such as the rib fest, and it offers a great cool-down area and with water fountains for families during the summer. In the winter, it is also home to a beautiful skating rink.

City Gate Suites Are Committed to Your Comfort

So many attractions surround our suites. Guests can rest-assured knowing that by staying with City Gate Suites, they will have access to a variety of essentials. Local entertainment, shopping malls, as well as medical facilities are all in proximity.

If you find yourself having to stay in Mississauga longer than you expected, consider contacting us. We will provide you with a suitable and accommodating suite for your stay.

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