Mississauga Rental Listings for Corporate Travelers

Mississauga Rental Listings for Corporate Travelers

As a corporate traveler always on the go, you need a stable living arrangement to come home to after all the craziness you deal with at work. It helps that many Mississauga rental listings can be found near Fortune 500 company headquarters as well as Toronto Pearson International Airport – all of which make business travel easier. Plus, with various plazas, parks and shopping centres in surrounding areas, there are enough options to help you relax after a long day. Where do you search for Mississauga rental listings and what do they come with? Here are some tips to make sure you find the right housing for your travel needs.

Locate Your Best Option

As mentioned, locations for rental living in Mississauga offer convenience if you need to make business trips or just want some peace away from the rigours of work. Locations such as Malton, for instance, are a 16-minute drive from Citigroup and a nine-minute drive from FedEx headquarters. Or, if you’re looking to get to Pearson International Airport right away to catch a quick flight, places such as Port Credit and Meadowvale are 15 and 13-minute drives respectively.

Make your decision based on accessibility, both to the places you need to be and to any transit options should you need them to travel across Mississauga or into downtown Toronto.

There are over 70 Fortune 500 companies with headquarters in Mississauga, so if there’s a place to start when looking for corporate housing, Mississauga is a great option.

Amenities designed for corporate travelers

Amenities are also important whenever you’re looking for good corporate housing. Corporate housing will often come with utilities, flat-screen televisions, high-quality kitchen and bedroom sets, and even exercise facilities.

City Gate Suites outfits our suites with up-to-date appliances, in-suite washers and dryers, and other modern amenities that help your place truly feel like a home away from home. They are fully furnished and allow you to get settled in without the hassle of renting or buying furniture. Look for Mississauga rental listings that have amenities designed to help you relax, entertain, work, or even exercise at will.  

Why Short-Term Renting is an Alternative to a Hotel

Unlike hotels, which are based in tourist-heavy areas, short-term suites allow you to have your own space and keep you close to where you need to do business. And, if you’re moving in with family, they are near to schools as well, so your children can continue their education and make new friends.

Typical hotel rooms offer a bedroom and a bathroom and don’t include additional features like a kitchen, which can cause you to eat out more regularly than you’d like. Corporate rentals, like those offered by City Gate Suites offer you exceptional amenities and features to make your stay a comfortable one.

When looking for quality Mississauga rental listings, start with City Gate Suites to find the best option for your next corporate trip.


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