Best Options for Monthly Rental Apartments in Mississauga

Best Options for Monthly Rental Apartments in Mississauga | City Gate Suites

Mississauga is a beautiful and dynamic city, but for travelers staying for more than a few days, it can sometimes be difficult to find affordable and suitable accommodations. Many of the accommodation options available to longer-stay travelers are ideal in one or two areas but lacking in others, and it’s tough to find something that offers everything you’re looking for. A few of the options include hotels, motels, Airbnb, home leases, and monthly rental apartments in Mississauga. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating your options.

The Ups and Downs of Hotels and Motels

Hotels can be amazing short-term accommodations for travelers and visitors to new cities. They provide everything you need to be comfortable for a few days, including private bathrooms, cozy beds, televisions, convenient locations, and more. Alternatively, there can be some drawbacks with hotels and motels,  including that they can get expensive if you’re staying for more than a few days, especially if you’re looking for amenities and boutique luxuries. Moreover, even though these accommodations provide what you need to be comfortable, they certainly don’t feel like home, especially after a week or more of living “out of suitcase”. Airbnb, on the other hand, can feel like home—because they are actually somebody’s home—but long-term stays can get pricey, and difficult to secure in competitive markets like the Greater Toronto Area.

Home and Apartment Rentals

When you’re staying in Mississauga for a month or more, renting a home or apartment can be an ideal alternative to hotel and motel stays. Unfortunately, the market for month-to-month rentals in the city is pretty fierce, because most landlords are looking for long-term renters who are willing to sign a one-year lease at the minimum. Moreover, most home and apartment rentals don’t come fully furnished, which means you’d have to spend time and money shopping for and buying furniture, appliances, and other necessities in order to make your accommodations liveable.

Furnished Short-Term Rentals: A Perfect Alternative for Longer-Stay Visitors

Short-term rentals are a best-of-all-worlds accommodation option for visitors who plan to stay in Mississauga long enough that hotels aren’t home-like enough but for a short enough time that a home rental isn’t feasible. Along with being fully furnished, comfortable, and affordable, these short-term rental apartments also provide all the luxuries of a hotel with the amenities of home, including:

       – Refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, television, and en-suite laundry facilities

       – Fitness rooms and swimming pools

       – Wi-Fi

       – Parking

       – Housekeeping services

       – Spacious living areas and bedrooms

       – 24-hour security

       – Balconies

       – Toiletries

Finding comfortable and affordable rental apartments in Mississauga that also offer the option of flexible stays can be hard, especially if you don’t know where to look, don’t have a foot in the door in the housing market, or don’t want to spend your stay in a hotel that’s designed for short-term living. The short-term rentals available through City Gate Suites have all the features, amenities, luxuries, and comforts needed for a longer-term stay, which means you’ll feel right at home during your time in the city.

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