The Benefits of Choosing Rentals in Mississauga Near Square One

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The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is rich with rental opportunities, but why are more and more short-term rent seekers realizing the benefits of choosing rentals in Mississauga near Square One? Located in what’s become the “city centre” of Mississauga, Square One Shopping Centre offers the luxury of a premiere shopping destination, convenient transportation systems, and even a unique venue for community events, entertainment and attractions.

If you’re comparing properties within the GTA, why should you consider rentals in Mississauga near Square One? Here are just a few reasons:

Mississauga is a great place to live

The city of Mississauga has been recognized as one the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area. It’s the third largest city in Ontario, but it’s also close to three major highways, the home of Pearson International Airport, and the global base for 60 Fortune 500 companies. That makes Mississauga ultra convenient for travelers (corporate or personal), commuting within the area, but also, offers the benefits of a large and thriving city.

Square One is a shopping destination for short-term renters

Square One Shopping Centre is at the heart of this convenience and growth of the city as a true destination within the GTA. For short-term renters, being close-by to over 300 stores, restaurants, and even attractions like Playdium and the Living Arts Centre, is a huge advantage. The mall itself recently completed an $85-million renovation making it the third largest mall in Canada, and as a result, is ideal for visiting families, corporate and personal travelers.

Square One is a public transportation hub

Public transportation options connect Square One to the rest of the city, and surrounding cities near and far. You can take the local MiWay buses to get around Mississauga, the Brampton Züm to and from Brampton,  or the TTC for direct routes into the city of Toronto, and even GO transit buses that connect Mississauga to towns and cities across Ontario. Renters looking for easy commuting or travel options will benefit immensely from living close to Square One’s transportation hub.

Luxury short-term rental options around Square One

The commercial and residential area around Square One Shopping Centre, is one of the fastest growing in the province. Within the last few years, it has seen a huge growth in new developments, and even more luxury options for renters. City Gate Suites short-term rental options all include modern interior upgrades, features and amenities to suit the budding upscale lifestyle of the community. Still a more economical choice than a comparable suite in Downtown Toronto, rentals in the area are ideal for short-term stays, corporate relocation or travel, and even personal extended travel because of their convenience and luxury amenities.  


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