Short Term Rentals Vs. Airbnb

There is no denying that Airbnb’s are convenient and have been exponentially growing in popularity in recent years, but let’s not forget about short term rentals. There are several differences between short term rentals and Airbnb that are worth considering for your next trip.


1. Length of Stay

The average length of stay for an Airbnb customer is approximately 6 days, versus an average of 1 to 2 months for short term rental customers. For people travelling for longer than a week, Airbnb tends to become rather expensive. On the other hand, short term rental providers often offer discounts for customers that stay for extended periods of time.


2. Type of Accommodation

Airbnb’s are typically popular for people looking for a variety of living options, from apartments, to detached homes, boats, or RV’s. Short term rentals are most often located in condominiums, and give you access to a host of amenities offered in the building, such as a swimming pool, sauna, gym, business centre, and more.


3. Amenities

Not only do short term rental providers give their customers access to the amenities offered by the building, but they also maintain beautifully furnished suites. Short term rental suites always come fully equipped with bedding, linens, and toiletries to offer you the same comfort you feel at your own home. Because Airbnb suites are managed by the owner of the property, sometimes you will come across owners that won’t provide such amenities to their guests.


4. Property Management

In short term housing, all requests are managed through a head office so providers are able to maintain a uniform approach to bookings and customer service. Suites are managed in a professional manner, and specific processes are put in place to ensure customers have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Airbnb hosts manage their own properties, leaving a lot of room for error. There are limited processes put into place to standardize the care of the guests or the cleanliness of the suite during the duration of the stay.


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