Why Choose Short Term Rentals for Medical Stays

Receiving medical treatment is a difficult and scary task in and of itself, but having to relocate to get your treatment makes it even harder. The last thing you want to do is have to leave the comfort of your own home when faced with this situation. Sometimes relocating is unavoidable, in order to receive the best medical care you can get.


Short term rentals for medical stays can help ease the strain of relocating for medical care. With short term rentals, guest can enjoy almost all the same comforts of home. At City Gate Suites, we like to think of our medical housing as a home away from home. Short term rentals come fully furnished, and equipped with a full kitchen, washer and dryer, bedding, and television. Eat dinner without having to order delivery, wash your laundry without going to the laundromat, and relax in front of the television as if you were at your own home. City Gate Suites will even allow you to bring along your pet, if you have one, to comfort you during your stay.


Choose short term rentals over hotels for your medical stay. Not only do hotels not provide the same features and amenities that short term rentals offer, but they do so at a higher price. Most often, rates for short term rentals are much more favourable than hotels, as hotels expect shorter stays. When planning a stay of a few weeks to a few months, short term rentals tend to be more affordable.

If you are travelling to Mississauga for medical stay, there are some highly acclaimed hospitals in the area. All of City Gate Suites’ buildings are within a short drive from each of the three excellent hospitals. To learn more about the hospitals in and around Mississauga, click here.