Why Corporate Travelers Choose Short Term Rentals in Mississauga, Ontario

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As a business person, mobility is a must. Whether you’re in a hurry to make it to a crucial meeting or run some errands during a bit of downtime, you’re always on the go. Time is limited, and stress is high, making accessibility a major necessity for corporate travelers. When looking for a place where you can garner that accessibility, choosing from short-term rentals in Mississauga, Ontario is a good place to start.

Full of Industry

One reason why looking at short-term rentals in Mississauga, Ontario makes lots of sense is the fact that it is a critical industrial hub within North America.

There are over 70 Fortune 500 companies with a Canadian head office or major divisional/regional offices in Mississauga. It’s a town buzzing with business opportunities and, as a result, many rentals are based near these headquarters. From General Mills to Microsoft to FedEx, there are businesses of all kinds in Mississauga. So why not move to an area where all the action is at and save time? Makes a lot of sense, right?

You Can Get Around

Given its proximity to Toronto, a 37-minute drive to be exact, Mississauga has become a popular place to find short-term rentals. If you have some business you need to take care of in downtown Toronto; you’re right within range.

If you don’t have access to a car, there’s no reason to worry. MiWay transit and GO Train transit are available for all your commuting needs, making it convenient for you to travel out of and around town. Whether you are in Port Credit or Meadowvale, there are short-term rentals close to public transit, so that you can move around with ease.


Whether you want to shop or fly, short-term rentals are near to the things you need. City Gate Suites provides rentals that come in handy in terms of location and aesthetics. Pinnacle Crystal, for example, is just minutes away from Square One Shopping Centre and within walking distance of restaurants whenever you want a bite to eat after work. Or, you have Pinnacle Grand Park, where you can unwind on the balcony while taking in views of Lake Ontario and the high-rise landscape of downtown Toronto.

Many short-term rentals in Mississauga, Ontario will put you within a reasonable distance from Pearson International Airport. If you need to take a quick flight for a business trip overseas, you can relax knowing you have a place to stay that’s close to Airport Road.

Grand Amenities

You get a ‘home away from home’ feel when you choose to stay in Mississauga. At City Gate Suites, you are provided with amenities that many hotels can’t offer. One of these amenities include a business centre equipped with desktop computers, so you can get as much work done as possible. Furthermore, you’ll have free, high-speed Wi-Fi and a sofa bed to kick your feet up after a hard day’s work.

There’s significant living space to take advantage of and more ways to relax. When you’re relocating to a new area and trying to adjust to that while balancing various responsibilities, you need that extra space and time to yourself. It’s also important for the space to feel like home, away from home. Each suite is equipped with an en-suite washer and dryer, a flat-screen television with cable, an array of toiletries, and much more.

Consider a City Gate Suites short-term rental when planning your next business trip to Mississauga, Ontario and take advantage of its world-class amenities and convenient location.

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