6 Tips For Travelling


For people that frequently travel between Canada and the USA, NEXUS is an excellent way to speed up the process when travelling. Individuals must apply for a NEXUS pass with the government, who must approve each applicant. This pass will help you to save time at the border.


2. Bring snacks

Airport food tends to be very pricey, and often it isn’t very good. Pack yourself some snacks to keep you full while you wait to board the plane. We suggest you bring a sandwich for a meal, as these are easy to bring along in your carry-on bag.


3. Make sure your laptop is accessible

If you’re a business traveller then this tip is very important for you! Make sure that you don’t pack your laptop deep in your luggage. We suggest keeping your laptop in your carry-on bag where you can easily access it. Wait times for boarding the plane tend to be very long, so during this time you can productively get some work done on your laptop.


4. Portable battery

Outlets tend to be a hot commodity in airports, so to avoid running into the issue of having an uncharged cell phone bring a portable battery pack. This will also come in handy if you need a charge while you’re on the plane.


 5. Online Check-In

This is probably the most important tip on our list! Do your check-in online from home before you come to the airport. This will save you so much time once you get to the airport, as there tend to be very long lines to check-in. You can also print your ticket from home, since some cheaper airlines charge to print the tickets.


6. Follow the rules for baggage

Airlines tend to be very strict on what you can and cannot put in your luggage. Make sure to follow these rules while you’re packing to avoid any complications at the airport. For example, many airlines will only allow you to check a bag that is under 50 pounds in weight. As well, liquids stored in your carry-on bags must be 100ml or less.