Why Companies Choose Corporate Housing in Mississauga

Corporate housing in MIssissauga | City Gate Suites

Corporate members travel for many reasons. Whether it is to review and close a significant business deal or perform outreach or meet with different clients… the reasons for travel are endless. Mississauga is one of the most popular cities for corporate members to visit since its home to the headquarters of many large companies. Many opt for corporate housing in Mississauga because it keeps them in proximity to their clients and local amenities such as Zemlar Business Centre.

If you are traveling to Mississauga for business, consider City Gate Suites. We offer suites that provide a comforting experience enabling our business guests to feel at home in our units.

In-Suite Amenities

One of the most significant advantages of staying in our suites is the amenities. All of our rooms have access to Wifi, which permits, corporate members to work directly from their suites. That way, business guests do not have to leave their rooms to access Wifi from local cafés or coffee shops. Instead, they can comfortably access the Internet from anywhere in their unit just as they would at home.

All of our luxury suites are well furnished with an accommodating queen-size bed, flat screen TV, sofa, a kitchen table, up-to-date appliances and many other essentials. For individuals wishing to cook small meals, our units also offer a small kitchen that is equipped with all of the right tools and utensils for cooking. The purpose of our suites is to encourage our guests to feel right at home. Our supportive staff and welcoming rooms ensure that each guest is relaxed and content.

Accessible Building Amenities    

The buildings themselves also offer incredible amenities that help residents combine business and relaxation. These spaces include swimming pools, lounge areas, theatre rooms, fitness facilities, and more.

Shops, Restaurants & Facilities Outside of City Gate Suites

City Gate Suites in Mississauga are situated close to all the best local amenities in the area. Square One Shopping Mall, local shops, and grocery stores are easily accessible. Other amenities include Playdium, iFly, Port Credit, Streetsville as well as nearby restaurants, and bars. Depending on your mood or preference, there are a plethora of things to see and do in Mississauga. Residing at City Gate Suites offers corporate guests a complete balance between work and play.

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For corporate housing in Mississauga, contact City Gate Suites. We are committed to excellence and the utmost comfort of our guests. We take the guessing and frustration out of finding the ideal space for short or long-term visits.


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