Terms and Conditions

City Gate Suites hereby offers the Guest(s) occupancy of the Premises (as hereinafter defined) and the Guest hereby agrees to occupy the Premises on the terms and subject to the conditions as set out in this Accommodation Agreement.

  1. NO LANDLORD/TENANT RELATIONSHIP: it is expressly understood and agreed that the Premises are being rented for the sole purpose of providing living accommodation for a seasonal or temporary period and that this Accommodation Agreement is a commercial arrangement only and does not create a residential tenancy relationship between the Guest and City Gate Suites. Pursuant to section 5(a) of the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, SO 2006, c 17 (the “Residential Tenancies Act”), the accommodation being provided is exempt from the Residential Tenancies Act and the Residential Tenancies Act shall not apply to this Accommodation Agreement. For clarity, nothing herein shall be construed as creating a landlord/tenant relationship between City Gate Suites and the Guest. The Guest(s) and/or City Gate Suites expressly understand and agree that the Innkeepers Act, RSO 1990, c I.7 (the “Innkeepers Act”) shall apply to this Accommodation Agreement.
  2. TERM OF ACCOMMODATION PERIOD: The accommodation period shall be for a seasonal or temporary period (the “Accommodation Period”). Following the Accommodation Period, City Gate Suites intends to offer the Premises to others for a seasonal or temporary period.
  3. PAYMENT: The Guest(s) will pay to the said City Gate Suites in advance during the Accommodation Period, inclusive of all applicable taxes as required pursuant to all applicable legislation, including the Innkeepers Act.
  4. EARLY TERMINATION: The Guest(s) may terminate this Accommodation Agreement and vacate the premises prior to the end of the Accommodation Period only upon providing 30 days’ advance notice in writing and with the written consent of City Gate Suites, such consent may be withheld in City Gate Suites’ sole discretion. Guest(s) is liable for the entire balance of the payment for the Accommodation Period, regardless of occupancy.
  5. DEPOSIT AND PREPAID PAYMENT: The Guest(s) delivers upon execution of this Accommodation Agreement or occupancy, whichever comes first, by credit card to City Gate Suites, a deposit in the amount of $500 Canadian Dollars to be held in trust as security for the faithful performance by the Guest(s) of all terms, covenants and conditions of this Accommodation Agreement. The deposit will be refunded to the same credit card which was used for the reservation if the reservation is cancelled greater than 30 days prior to occupancy. Upon leaving the premise, the deposit will be refunded if the premise is returned to its pre-occupancy condition including the overall physical condition, the good condition of all electronics and appliances and the good condition of all supplies and living items. City Gate Suites reserves the rights to deduct the refund if encounter any losses caused by the guests.
  6. USE: The Guest(s) and City Gate Suites acknowledge, warrant, and agree that the Premises are being provided for the sole purpose of providing the Guest(s) with living accommodation to be occupied for a seasonal or temporary period. The Guest(s) and City Gate Suites agree that unless otherwise agreed to herein, only the Guest(s) named above.
  7. SERVICES AND COSTS: The costs of the following services applicable to the premises are included as follows: Hydro, Water, Cable TV, Internet and Local phone.
  8. PARKING: Only one parking spot is included.
  9. ACCESS: City Gate Suites or its agents shall have the right, at all reasonable times to enter and show the Premises to others or to inspect the Premises.
  10. USE AND DISTRIBUTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: The Guest(s) consents to the collection, use and disclosure of the Guest(s)’ personal information by City Gate Suites or its agents, from time to time, for the purpose of determining the creditworthiness of the Guest(s) for making payments pursuant to this Accommodation Agreement, or making such other use of the personal information as the City Gate Suites or its agents deem appropriate. City Gate Suites shall comply with its obligations under all applicable privacy laws with respect to the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.
  11. SOLE AGREEMENT: Guest(s) and City Gate Suites agree that an executed Accommodation Agreement shall form a completed agreement and no other Accommodation Agreement will be signed between the Parties during the Accommodation Period.
  12. LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY: City Gate Suites shall not in any event whatsoever be liable or responsible for any damage, loss, personal injury, or death that may be suffered or sustained by the Guest(s) or any other person who may be upon the Premises. The Guest(s) agrees and covenants to indemnify, save harmless and fully release City Gate Suites from any and all liability arising from or in any way related to to Guest(s)’ use or occupancy of the Premises.
  13. APPLIANCES: The following appliances belong to City Gate Suites and are to remain on the Premises for the Guest(s)’s use: Fridge, Microwave, Stove, Built-in Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer, all existing light fixtures and all window coverings. Guest(s) agrees to maintain the said appliances in a state of ordinary cleanliness and working order during the Accommodation Period.
  14. REPAIRS: Guest(s) agrees to pay all costs to repair any damage caused by the Guest(s) to the Premises or the fixtures located therein.
  15. SMOKING AND PETS: Guest(s) shall not permit any form of smoking, including tobacco, upon or in the Premises. Guest(s) shall not permit pets to be allowed upon or in the Premises. Fines are subjected at the sole discretion by City Gate Suites.
  16. COMPLIANCE WITH GOVERNING DOCUMENTS: Guest(s) agrees to comply with the declaration, by-laws and rules of the condominium corporation and to pay all costs associated or arising from any breach of the declaration, by-laws or rules. The Guest(s) acknowledge and agree that failure on its part to comply with the declaration, by-laws or rules shall constitute a default under this Accommodation Agreement.
  17. CHEQUES: In the event that any of the Guest(s)’cheques are not honoured when presented for payments to the bank on which they are drawn, the Guest(s) shall pay the City Gate Suites for each returned cheque the sum of $35.00 to cover the bank’s service charge together with a replacement cheque for the overdue payment.
  18. The Guest(s) covenants with City Gate Suites:
    1. that the Premises will be returned to its pre-occupancy condition on or before vacating the Premises (except for normal wear and tear). Guest(s) agrees that any repairs required to restore the Premises to its pre-occupancy condition shall be completed at the sole expense of the Guest(s), before or on expiration of the Accommodation Period;
    2. not to assign or otherwise permit other individuals to occupy the Premises in any circumstances;
    3. not to carry on upon the Premises any businesses or activities that may be illegal or contrary to any municipal, federal, provincial laws, by-laws or regulations, such activities including, but not limited to drug use, production, trafficking, possession, and prostitution;
    4. to promptly notify City Gate Suites of any repairs to be made by City Gate Suites, and upon giving prior notice, City Gate Suites shall be permitted to enter and view the state of repair and to make any such repair;
    5. not to make any decorating changes to the Premises including change of any lock, painting of the Premises or carpeting and wood flooring without the express consent of the City Gate Suites or its authorized agent.
  19. The occurrence of any of the following shall constitute a default (each a “Default”):
    1. violation by the Guest(s) of any of the covenants, conditions, agreements, or other obligations herein; or
    2. failure of the Guest(s) to make Payment when due and payable.
  20. DEFAULT: Upon the occurrence of a Default, at the option of City Gate Suites, without prejudice, and, in addition to any other rights or remedies to which City Gate Suites is entitled hereunder or at law, the entire balance of the payment for the Accommodation Period shall be forthwith due and payable and City Gate Suites shall have the following rights and remedies, all of which are cumulative and not alternative, namely:
    1. to terminate this Accommodation Agreement in respect of the Premises by written notice to Guest (it being understood that actual possession shall not be required to effect a termination of this Accommodation Agreement and that written notice, alone shall be sufficient); and
    2. whether this Accommodation Agreement is terminated or not, to re-enter and repossess the Premises, expel the Guest(s), change the lock to the Premises and/or remove all property from the Premises, and such property may be removed and sold or disposed of by City Gate Suites as it deems advisable or may be stored in a public warehouse or elsewhere at the cost, risk, and for the account of the Guest(s) and to apply the net proceeds, if any, of such sale or disposition on account of amounts payable by the Guest(s) to City Gate Suites, all without service of notice or resort to legal process and without City Gate Suites becoming liable for any loss or damage which may be occasioned thereby; and
    3. upon re-entry and repossession by City Gate Suites, the Guest(s) shall no longer be entitled to use of the Premises.
  21. EXTENSION: In the event the Guest(s) desires to extend the Accommodation Period, Guest(s) must request an extension and enter into a new Accommodation Agreement.
  22. ID: Guest(s) acknowledge and agree, on or before the Accommodation Period, to provide the following to City Gate Suites or City Gate Suites representative: Guest(s)’s driver license, Passport or official ID copy.
  23. CHANGES: Rates are subject to change without any prior notice. City Gate Suites reserves the right to cancel, change any booking, deny any extensions or relocate Guest(s) to any other apartment at its own discretion. Guest(s) acknowledge that the facilities listed on the website are general in nature and vary from building to building and Guest shall not have any claim against City Gate Suites for any damages, losses or costs if Guest is relocated during the Accommodation Period.
  24. BUILDING: City Gate Suites is not responsible for the malfunction of building facilities, including but not limited to A/C, Heating, Water, Hydro, Elevator, etc.
  25. TV: Cable TV is complimentary, Pay-Per-View or On-Demand movie/material will be charged according to the usage.
  26. CANCELLATION OF RESERVATION: If Guest(s) cancels the reservation more than thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the Accommodation Period, the deposit will be refunded. Deposits will not be refunded for cancellations within thirty (30) days of the commencement of the Accommodation Period.
  27. INDEMNIFICATION: The Guest(s) agree to indemnify City Gate Suites and save it harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, demands, damages, liability and expenses in connection with the loss of life, personal injury and/or damage to property arising from any occurrence in the Premises, the use thereof by the Guest(s) or occasioned wholly or in part by any act or omission of the Guest(s) or any other person permitted on the Premises.

The Guest(s) hereby grants permission to City Gate Suites to record and use personal information, in compliance with all applicable privacy laws with respect to the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information, for the purpose of:

  1. Enforcing any term of this Accommodation Agreement, including collection of money owed to City Gate Suites;
  2. Obtaining a Consumer Report in the event the Guest(s) fails to make proper payment, in breach of this Accommodation Agreement, or wishes to renew this Accommodation Agreement; and/or
  3. Transferring such information to a database of guests’ information to be made available to City Gate Suites or its agents.

The Guest(s) acknowledges that, prior to signing this Agreement, the Guest(s) has read and understands this Accommodation Agreement and consents to the terms, covenants, conditions and provisions herein. The Guest(s) acknowledges that, prior to signing this Agreement, the Guest(s) has read and understands this Accommodation Agreement and consents to the terms, covenants, conditions and provisions herein.