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Short term furnished rental in Mississauga | City Gate Suites

5 Reasons to Find a Short Term Furnished Rental in Mississauga

If you need to stay in the Greater Toronto Area, or GTA, for an extended period of time, one great solution is a short term furnished rental in Mississauga. This satellite city that neighbours Toronto is a strategic location for accommodations, especially in the short-to-medium term, and there are a lot of good reasons to choose this city. Let’s get into some of the most prominent considerations.

1. Strategic Location

A short-term furnished rental in Mississauga has one key advantage, especially for people concerned about access to many locations across the GTA: accessibility. For those coming to the GTA for professional reasons rather than leisure, Mississauga boasts its own hub of business offices and warehouses, including the likes of Amazon, as well as much closer proximity to the airport for frequent travellers, and easy access to highways and expressways to get around the GTA faster.

These advantages mean that for professional and business reasons, a short-term furnished rental in Mississauga can also bring strategic accessibility, in addition to the convenience of a professionally maintained living space.

2. Cost Effectiveness

While a hotel may be an ideal short-term living space for tourists, it’s not necessarily the most budget-savvy option. However, unlike less formal alternatives, such as Airbnb, hotels bring security and housekeeping services in addition to professional maintenance.

On the other hand, City Gate Suites combines the best of both worlds. It is cheaper than hotel options, but at the same time avoids the potential hazards of an Airbnb stay, including variables in quality, and, perhaps most importantly, no legal risks. There’s no danger of these spaces being illegally rented out by opportunistic tenants, rather than actual property owners.

3. More Space

Hotels, though professionally maintained, have a much more severe economy of space, especially for people looking for cheaper options. City Gate Suites offers living space equivalent to an apartment, condo, or small home. So rather than retiring to an adequate but cramped space at the end of a business day, people can enjoy a more generously formatted living environment.

While it may not seem like an essential factor, sufficient space during a short- or medium-term stay can have a significant effect on both comfort and security. A bigger area can provide more opportunities for relaxation and productivity for any guest, regardless of the reason you may be needing accommodations.

4. Greater Convenience

An important factor, especially for people traveling for professional or medical reasons, is the more “customized” nature of a short-term furnished rental in Mississauga. Business travelers, for example, cannot guarantee their needs will be met at other venues. Easy access to Internet and Wi-Fi resources can be accommodated as well as the need for ample workspace.

Also, people with medical conditions that require proximity to the hospital, or even specific types of furnishing, such as toilets that account for mobility issues, can easily have these needs met upon request.

5. Professional Maintenance

Like hotels, a short-term furnished rental in Mississauga takes care of everything. Furniture and bedding are provided, but so is the peace of mind that comes from an experienced, professional business handling both maintenance and financial transactions like rental payments and housing requests. No need to research online for spaces that meet your requirements, or about the security of depositing rent in envelopes. Just deal with experienced professionals who are there to accommodate your needs and requests.

When on the hunt for a place to stay in Mississauga – consider every option! Our furnished suites are the perfect fit for short-term renters because they offer the convenience of location, a cost-effective alternative to a hotel, and amenities that make your stay feel like “home”.

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Furnished Apartments for Rent in Mississauga, Ontario vs. Airbnb

Airbnbs have really struck a chord with travelers. You get to see how other people live, get relatively affordable accommodations in a new city, and get the comfort of being at home when you can’t actually be in your own house. There are many reasons to love Airbnbs, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t another alternative that can offer even more convenience, comfort, and amenities, and that option is furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga, Ontario.

Location and Convenience

Airbnbs are available all around this beautiful city, and you could definitely find some real gems anywhere from Port Credit to Meadowvale Village. The problem, however, is that not all the listings will be available all the time, and if you’re looking for a specific location, then your options might be more limited than they initially appear. With furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga, Ontario, you’re guaranteed the most convenient location in the heart of the city.

Availability to Suit Your Schedule

Imagine this: you’re scouring Airbnb for an appropriate accommodation in Mississauga, and after hours of searching through listings, you finally find the one. Naturally, you go to book the place before somebody else gets in there only to find it’s not even available for the dates you need. This happens often, and it’s because an Airbnb is only one location, so competition for the nice accommodations is tough, and people often miss out on their ideal locations. On the other hand, furnished short-term rentals are entire apartment buildings, so you can get that perfect place exactly when you want it.

Ease of Booking and Flexibility

Another problem that’s related to availability is flexibility, because even if the Airbnb you want is available during your stay, it may not be open exactly when you need it, and this is the type of flexibility that many travelers need. Similarly, while it’s relatively painless and easy to book accommodation through the site, there are still a few special instructions you have to watch for from the host. With a short-term rental, bookings are flexible to accommodate your schedule, there’s always a friendly staff member on-site to help you settle in, and the check-in process is always the same, no matter what location you stay at.

The Amenities Available at Each Location

You can find accommodations on Airbnb that offer anything from fireplaces to pools to great views to indoor climbing gyms. The problem, however, is finding one that offers all the things you need in one place. For example, you can easily find a house with a pool, but what about parking? Or maybe there’s a great view of the lake but no on-site laundry facilities. Each Airbnb is unique, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find everything you need in a single location. With short-term furnished rentals, on the other hand, you can rest assured that your accommodation will be fully equipped, and that includes:


– All appliances

– Full kitchen

– En-suite laundry

– Housekeeping

– Round-the-clock security

– Parking

– Fitness centre and indoor pool

– Wi-Fi

– Iron and ironing board

– Complimentary toiletries

– Storage

Airbnbs are a great alternative to hotels, and they can be fun, affordable, and easy accommodations when you want to explore a new city or will be traveling to Mississauga for a few days. But when you need flexibility, the best location, an affordable price, and all the amenities and features you’d expect at home, then a fully furnished apartment for rent in Mississauga, Ontario may be a more suitable option. This is especially true, if you’re going to be here for an extended stay and want to be as comfortable as possible.


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Tips for Finding Furnished Accommodation in Mississauga

There are plenty of reasons to visit Mississauga for an extended stay, including business, medical reasons, personal reasons, or just to explore the city. But no matter what the reason, finding a furnished accommodation can sometimes be tricky – especially if you don’t know what to look for. Here are a few tips you can use to find the ideal furnished accommodation in Mississauga.

Look for Something in the Right Location

Planning a trip—whether it’s for work, personal, or other reasons—requires a bit of foresight, and that includes planning your accommodations based on where you need to be in the city. For example, if you’re coming for business you might need to be close to your company’s headquarters. Similarly, if you’re going to be doing a lot of traveling while Mississauga is your home base, then being at the heart of the city puts you close to local and global travel options, including buses, trains, and an international airport.

Find Top-of-the-Line Amenities

When you’re traveling and staying somewhere new, especially long-term, it’s important to be comfortable. One of the best ways of doing that is finding a furnished rental that offers amenities above and beyond what a basic hotel has, and that includes things like fitness centres, pools, security, parking, full kitchens, Wi-Fi, and spacious living areas that don’t feel cramped or crowded.

Don’t Settle for an Accommodation that Doesn’t Meet Your Travel Needs

Imagine you were traveling with young children and ended up in an accommodation that didn’t have a refrigerator large enough to hold the staples, didn’t have en-suite laundry and didn’t have room where you could spread out and play. Or think about if you were traveling for work and found yourself somewhere that didn’t have Wi-Fi or a place to set up your computer. These are the types of things you’ll have to think about before booking because it’s important to find a place that can provide what you need to make your stay not just comfortable, but also convenient and easy.

Make Sure the Furnishings and Units Have Been Updated

There’s nothing worse than reading a description online only to have your hopes and dreams dashed when you see the reality in person, and this happens a lot with hotels. Instead of relying on descriptions alone, make sure you check photos, read reviews, and look for testimonials from real patrons who have stayed at the accommodation recently, and who can attest to how new, how clean, and how comfortable it really is.

Think Outside the Hotel and Airbnb Box

Hotels and Airbnbs are often convenient options for travelers, especially when you need to find a furnished accommodation. But just because these are popular options doesn’t mean they’re ideal, and there are other solutions out there, such as furnished short-term rentals, that can provide all the same comforts and amenities as a hotel, plus the welcoming feeling of home.

Planning a trip can be difficult if you don’t know how to find the right accommodation. This is even harder when you need a furnished place for an extended stay, because the most common options don’t necessarily offer everything else you need as well. Luckily, a furnished accommodation in Mississauga can provide everything you need, including the right location, the right amenities, and all at the right price.

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Best Options for Monthly Rental Apartments in Mississauga | City Gate Suites

Best Options for Monthly Rental Apartments in Mississauga

Mississauga is a beautiful and dynamic city, but for travelers staying for more than a few days, it can sometimes be difficult to find affordable and suitable accommodations. Many of the accommodation options available to longer-stay travelers are ideal in one or two areas but lacking in others, and it’s tough to find something that offers everything you’re looking for. A few of the options include hotels, motels, Airbnb, home leases, and monthly rental apartments in Mississauga. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating your options.

The Ups and Downs of Hotels and Motels

Hotels can be amazing short-term accommodations for travelers and visitors to new cities. They provide everything you need to be comfortable for a few days, including private bathrooms, cozy beds, televisions, convenient locations, and more. Alternatively, there can be some drawbacks with hotels and motels,  including that they can get expensive if you’re staying for more than a few days, especially if you’re looking for amenities and boutique luxuries. Moreover, even though these accommodations provide what you need to be comfortable, they certainly don’t feel like home, especially after a week or more of living “out of suitcase”. Airbnb, on the other hand, can feel like home—because they are actually somebody’s home—but long-term stays can get pricey, and difficult to secure in competitive markets like the Greater Toronto Area.

Home and Apartment Rentals

When you’re staying in Mississauga for a month or more, renting a home or apartment can be an ideal alternative to hotel and motel stays. Unfortunately, the market for month-to-month rentals in the city is pretty fierce, because most landlords are looking for long-term renters who are willing to sign a one-year lease at the minimum. Moreover, most home and apartment rentals don’t come fully furnished, which means you’d have to spend time and money shopping for and buying furniture, appliances, and other necessities in order to make your accommodations liveable.

Furnished Short-Term Rentals: A Perfect Alternative for Longer-Stay Visitors

Short-term rentals are a best-of-all-worlds accommodation option for visitors who plan to stay in Mississauga long enough that hotels aren’t home-like enough but for a short enough time that a home rental isn’t feasible. Along with being fully furnished, comfortable, and affordable, these short-term rental apartments also provide all the luxuries of a hotel with the amenities of home, including:

       – Refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, television, and en-suite laundry facilities

       – Fitness rooms and swimming pools

       – Wi-Fi

       – Parking

       – Housekeeping services

       – Spacious living areas and bedrooms

       – 24-hour security

       – Balconies

       – Toiletries

Finding comfortable and affordable rental apartments in Mississauga that also offer the option of flexible stays can be hard, especially if you don’t know where to look, don’t have a foot in the door in the housing market, or don’t want to spend your stay in a hotel that’s designed for short-term living. The short-term rentals available through City Gate Suites have all the features, amenities, luxuries, and comforts needed for a longer-term stay, which means you’ll feel right at home during your time in the city.

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Corporate Travel Mississauga Ontario | City Gate Suites

Why Corporate Travelers Choose Short Term Rentals in Mississauga, Ontario

As a business person, mobility is a must. Whether you’re in a hurry to make it to a crucial meeting or run some errands during a bit of downtime, you’re always on the go. Time is limited, and stress is high, making accessibility a major necessity for corporate travelers. When looking for a place where you can garner that accessibility, choosing from short-term rentals in Mississauga, Ontario is a good place to start.

Full of Industry

One reason why looking at short-term rentals in Mississauga, Ontario makes lots of sense is the fact that it is a critical industrial hub within North America.

There are over 70 Fortune 500 companies with a Canadian head office or major divisional/regional offices in Mississauga. It’s a town buzzing with business opportunities and, as a result, many rentals are based near these headquarters. From General Mills to Microsoft to FedEx, there are businesses of all kinds in Mississauga. So why not move to an area where all the action is at and save time? Makes a lot of sense, right?

You Can Get Around

Given its proximity to Toronto, a 37-minute drive to be exact, Mississauga has become a popular place to find short-term rentals. If you have some business you need to take care of in downtown Toronto; you’re right within range.

If you don’t have access to a car, there’s no reason to worry. MiWay transit and GO Train transit are available for all your commuting needs, making it convenient for you to travel out of and around town. Whether you are in Port Credit or Meadowvale, there are short-term rentals close to public transit, so that you can move around with ease.


Whether you want to shop or fly, short-term rentals are near to the things you need. City Gate Suites provides rentals that come in handy in terms of location and aesthetics. Pinnacle Crystal, for example, is just minutes away from Square One Shopping Centre and within walking distance of restaurants whenever you want a bite to eat after work. Or, you have Pinnacle Grand Park, where you can unwind on the balcony while taking in views of Lake Ontario and the high-rise landscape of downtown Toronto.

Many short-term rentals in Mississauga, Ontario will put you within a reasonable distance from Pearson International Airport. If you need to take a quick flight for a business trip overseas, you can relax knowing you have a place to stay that’s close to Airport Road.

Grand Amenities

You get a ‘home away from home’ feel when you choose to stay in Mississauga. At City Gate Suites, you are provided with amenities that many hotels can’t offer. One of these amenities include a business centre equipped with desktop computers, so you can get as much work done as possible. Furthermore, you’ll have free, high-speed Wi-Fi and a sofa bed to kick your feet up after a hard day’s work.

There’s significant living space to take advantage of and more ways to relax. When you’re relocating to a new area and trying to adjust to that while balancing various responsibilities, you need that extra space and time to yourself. It’s also important for the space to feel like home, away from home. Each suite is equipped with an en-suite washer and dryer, a flat-screen television with cable, an array of toiletries, and much more.

Consider a City Gate Suites short-term rental when planning your next business trip to Mississauga, Ontario and take advantage of its world-class amenities and convenient location.

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Condos for Rent in Mississauga, Ontario | City Gate Suites

Short Term Rental vs. Condos for Rent in Mississauga, Ontario

Finding accommodation can be a daunting task, especially when you are pressed to do it because of ever-changing circumstances. Whether it be for medical reasons, displacement due to home renovation or relocation after getting your dream job, you need a place that suits your needs. When you are looking for short-term rentals or condos for rent in Mississauga, Ontario, you will need to think about amenities, transport accessibility, and other important facets. What’s the difference? How much more beneficial is one compared to the other? Here are some key factors to evaluate when figuring out which option is best for you.

Amenities and Luxuries

When you are considering condos for rent in Mississauga, Ontario, you you might be looking for state-of-the-art amenities. Whether it’s a gym, party room, theatre room, or even a swimming pool, many condos are known to have a variety of high-quality services at their disposal. Plus, they are often near transit. Chances are you can have your way with MiWay – Mississauga’s transit system – if you rent condos in the area.

Short-term rentals often offer the same amenities that condos offer. If you are on a quick business trip or staying longer for a contract job, some short-term rentals have desks, workstations, and printers to help you get your work done. Plus, these rentals are popular for business people in Mississauga given its proximity to Pearson International Airport and various Fortune 500 company headquarters nearby. Many short-term rentals offer the same luxury amenities you can find in the top condo buildings today as well.

Which is more flexible?

Short-term rentals and condos are in high demand in Mississauga due to a lack of modern hotels in the city. Both allow maximum convenience for your benefit. City Gate Suites short-term rentals provide more flexibility as they are available on a weekly or monthly basis. For instance, if you need somewhere to stay while your home is getting refurbished and need something on the fly that feels like home, short-term rentals will suit you more. You also won’t have to worry about long lease agreements required with condos.

What are the costs to consider?

While short-term rentals may not require a long-term commitment from you, these commitments could come at a cost. Due to the fast turnaround in occupancy, landlords must invest more time in these rentals and therefore, will charge more rent. This includes maintenance fees, cleaning fees, furnishing and any other cost associated with a short-term lease.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is more expensive than a condo rental. In fact, any condo tenant must pay enough rent to cover taxes, insurance as well as condo association fees. It all depends on how long you’re planning to stay, your budget, and what kind of space and amenities you require.

Short-term and condo rentals both have their benefits and pitfalls. But, depending on what you’re comfortable with, they can each give you that home away from home feeling.

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apartments for rent near Mississauga | City gate Suites

Best Locations of Apartments for Rent Near Mississauga

Apartments for rent near Mississauga are quickly becoming a hot commodity. Mississauga is a vibrant city full of culture, industry and energy. With various parks, malls and Pearson International Airport all within close range, Mississauga has all you need in terms of recreation and travel options.

Location is essential when picking out a short-term rental anywhere, and Mississauga, is no different. Here a few recommended areas to consider when looking for apartments for rent near Mississauga:

Port Credit

One of Mississauga’s most mature neighbourhoods, Port Credit is filled with activity and convenience for potential renters to consider. Regarded as Mississauga’s ‘Village on the Lake’, this area boasts quite a few high-end restaurants. You can reach Snug Harbour Seafood Bar and Grill to get a taste of your favourite underwater delicacies while taking in views of the Mississauga Waterfront or you can visit Colossus Greek Taverna for some fine European cuisine.

You will also find a variety of shopping centres, as well as over 400 retail shops and boutiques sure to pique your interests. PSV (Posh Style Vibe) 1 and 2 at Parkside Village are perfect spots to relax and take in this vibrant area, each located just 14 and 13 minutes away respectively. They boast a swimming pool, fitness centre and volleyball court and are within walking distance to Square One Shopping Centre.


If you’re looking for apartments to rent near Mississauga, this northeastern part of the city is one of your more affordable options. It is within close range of businesses located off Airport Rd. and is a cosmopolitan area, attracting many from all over the world.

If you need to get to Toronto, Brampton, or have a flight to catch at Pearson International Airport, Malton is a centralized travel link to all three areas. Restaurants like China Garden and Sweet India, along Airport Rd. are recommended if you’re looking to try something new or remind yourself of home. Pinnacle Crystal, is bit of a drive, but for this great area, it’s well worth it.


A family-friendly neighbourhood boasting small villages and parks such as Meadowvale Conservation Centre, this Mississauga neighbourhood is active and brimming with adventure. It hosts the Meadowvale Town Centre, a community centre, and library, as well as an array of entertainment outlets. You won’t be bored, that’s for sure.

A new, short-term rental you can look at within range is Parkside Village, and it’s also just two blocks away from Celebration Square.

Churchill Meadows

Strip malls and parks dominate this suburban area of Mississauga, offering an old-school feel mixed with newer buildings and a multicultural makeup.

There’s the Churchill Meadows SkatePark for kids and adult skateboard enthusiasts alike, plus a wide selection of pizzerias, bar and grills, in the area to choose from and enjoy. Pinnacle Grand Park is only 15 minutes away from Churchill Meadows, giving you a view of Lake Ontario, the Mississauga Civic Centre and much more.

Finding a location that fits your needs and lifestyle is essential to good travel, and short-term rentals.

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Rentals near Square One | City Gate Suite

The Benefits of Choosing Rentals in Mississauga Near Square One

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is rich with rental opportunities, but why are more and more short-term rent seekers realizing the benefits of choosing rentals in Mississauga near Square One? Located in what’s become the “city centre” of Mississauga, Square One Shopping Centre offers the luxury of a premiere shopping destination, convenient transportation systems, and even a unique venue for community events, entertainment and attractions.

If you’re comparing properties within the GTA, why should you consider rentals in Mississauga near Square One? Here are just a few reasons:

Mississauga is a great place to live

The city of Mississauga has been recognized as one the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area. It’s the third largest city in Ontario, but it’s also close to three major highways, the home of Pearson International Airport, and the global base for 60 Fortune 500 companies. That makes Mississauga ultra convenient for travelers (corporate or personal), commuting within the area, but also, offers the benefits of a large and thriving city.

Square One is a shopping destination for short-term renters

Square One Shopping Centre is at the heart of this convenience and growth of the city as a true destination within the GTA. For short-term renters, being close-by to over 300 stores, restaurants, and even attractions like Playdium and the Living Arts Centre, is a huge advantage. The mall itself recently completed an $85-million renovation making it the third largest mall in Canada, and as a result, is ideal for visiting families, corporate and personal travelers.

Square One is a public transportation hub

Public transportation options connect Square One to the rest of the city, and surrounding cities near and far. You can take the local MiWay buses to get around Mississauga, the Brampton Züm to and from Brampton,  or the TTC for direct routes into the city of Toronto, and even GO transit buses that connect Mississauga to towns and cities across Ontario. Renters looking for easy commuting or travel options will benefit immensely from living close to Square One’s transportation hub.

Luxury short-term rental options around Square One

The commercial and residential area around Square One Shopping Centre, is one of the fastest growing in the province. Within the last few years, it has seen a huge growth in new developments, and even more luxury options for renters. City Gate Suites short-term rental options all include modern interior upgrades, features and amenities to suit the budding upscale lifestyle of the community. Still a more economical choice than a comparable suite in Downtown Toronto, rentals in the area are ideal for short-term stays, corporate relocation or travel, and even personal extended travel because of their convenience and luxury amenities.  


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