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Corporate housing in MIssissauga | City Gate Suites

Why Companies Choose Corporate Housing in Mississauga

Corporate members travel for many reasons. Whether it is to review and close a significant business deal or perform outreach or meet with different clients… the reasons for travel are endless. Mississauga is one of the most popular cities for corporate members to visit since its home to the headquarters of many large companies. Many opt for corporate housing in Mississauga because it keeps them in proximity to their clients and local amenities such as Zemlar Business Centre.

If you are traveling to Mississauga for business, consider City Gate Suites. We offer suites that provide a comforting experience enabling our business guests to feel at home in our units.

In-Suite Amenities

One of the most significant advantages of staying in our suites is the amenities. All of our rooms have access to Wifi, which permits, corporate members to work directly from their suites. That way, business guests do not have to leave their rooms to access Wifi from local cafés or coffee shops. Instead, they can comfortably access the Internet from anywhere in their unit just as they would at home.

All of our luxury suites are well furnished with an accommodating queen-size bed, flat screen TV, sofa, a kitchen table, up-to-date appliances and many other essentials. For individuals wishing to cook small meals, our units also offer a small kitchen that is equipped with all of the right tools and utensils for cooking. The purpose of our suites is to encourage our guests to feel right at home. Our supportive staff and welcoming rooms ensure that each guest is relaxed and content.

Accessible Building Amenities    

The buildings themselves also offer incredible amenities that help residents combine business and relaxation. These spaces include swimming pools, lounge areas, theatre rooms, fitness facilities, and more.

Shops, Restaurants & Facilities Outside of City Gate Suites

City Gate Suites in Mississauga are situated close to all the best local amenities in the area. Square One Shopping Mall, local shops, and grocery stores are easily accessible. Other amenities include Playdium, iFly, Port Credit, Streetsville as well as nearby restaurants, and bars. Depending on your mood or preference, there are a plethora of things to see and do in Mississauga. Residing at City Gate Suites offers corporate guests a complete balance between work and play.

Contact City Gate Suites For Short or Long-Term Corporate Housing in Mississauga  

For corporate housing in Mississauga, contact City Gate Suites. We are committed to excellence and the utmost comfort of our guests. We take the guessing and frustration out of finding the ideal space for short or long-term visits.


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Rental Communities in Mississauga

What Do the Top Rental Communities in Mississauga Have in Common?

If you’re looking for a rental community that is easily accessible, safe, and caters to all your professional and personal needs, Mississauga is definitely a good place to start! Top rental communities in Mississauga are situated near some of the best malls and parks the GTA has to offer. Plus, they are surrounded by various, well-known businesses and Pearson International Airport. Location and accommodation add greater appeal to these communities, giving renters tons of choice!

These commonalities allow Mississauga’s rental communities to stand out most.

Ease of Access

Few things make a place more appealing than when you know it’s close to something you need and the top rental communities in Mississauga will provide that.

Whether you are cashing in on a place in Port Credit or blending in a cosmopolitan area such as Malton, transportation, shopping malls and recreational areas are always nearby. For instance, Port Credit, regarded as the ‘Village on the Lake’ offers you views of the Mississauga Waterfront as well as countless shopping malls and seafood restaurants. If Malton is more your preference, there are a wide range of retail and dining options surrounding most residences. Also, Pearson International Airport is minutes away if you’re flying out for business or merely visiting from another country for the first time.

City Gate Suites offers quality rentals in centralized areas, allowing you to access such places without the fuss. Pinnacle Crystal, for instance, offers a calm rental community that’s a six-minute drive to Square One Shopping Centre and within walking distance of plazas. Parkside Village, meanwhile, is two blocks away from Celebration Square, where you can commemorate special occasions or skate with the family during winter.

Luxury Amenities

You want to feel as comfortable as possible wherever you are, and that is assured once you stay in Mississauga. City Gate Suites’ communities like Parkside Village offers you top class amenities such as a gym for all the fitness lovers out there, as well as a rooftop patio and a swimming pool. There’s also Posh Style Vibe (PSV), which looks as elegant as it sounds. A pool, BBQ access, fitness centre and volleyball court will keep you active and help you break the ice with your neighbours.

From saunas to game rooms, there are luxury amenities galore at many of Mississauga’s best rental communities. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a bachelor or bachelorette looking to let loose and mingle or a corporate traveler just looking for spots to unwind. Your home should feel like a getaway, and that’s what you’ll get with City Gate Suites and other top rental communities in Mississauga.

Suite Features

You will also find an array of quality suite amenities with Mississauga’s best rentals. Flat-screen TVs, high-speed internet, and washing/drying facilities are must-have features for many renters, and you will find these items in numerous suites.

Fully-equipped kitchens, toiletries, and bedding are also a given when you’re staying at a rental anywhere in the city. With so many options, the choice might become difficult, however, if you tailor what is available to what your needs are, finding the ideal rental becomes a more seamless process.

City Gate Suites offers all these features and more, standing out as one of the top rental communities Mississauga has to offer. Space, luxury, lots of things to keep you moving and occupied, you will never feel bored or bothered. That’s how a home is supposed to feel, even if it’s temporary.

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How to Avoid Choosing a Bad Furnished Suite in Mississauga

Finding a furnished suite in Mississauga might seem like you hit the jackpot. After all, the work is done for you – couches, beds, kitchen essentials and other things you weren’t too keen on buying before moving in are already in place. However, if what is already there doesn’t suit the needs of you or your loved ones upon arrival, or more refurbishing is needed, it can be a big headache. When looking for a furnished suite in Mississauga, there are potential issues you need to be wary of.

A Clean Home is a Happy Home

Whenever you’re staying in a new place, you want to feel like it’s fresh and clean, even if it’s already furnished. Having furniture in place is convenient, but it can make cleaning a challenge – especially those hard to reach spots you’re not sure have been cleaned beforehand.

You should also check the ventilation for mould and the floors for any dirt buildup. Do your due diligence to make sure everything from ceiling to floor is in the best possible condition. If it’s not, contact the property manager as soon as possible to ensure the maintenance and repairs are taken care of. The last thing you want to do is pay a cleaning fee, only to see issues you weren’t expecting upon your arrival.

How to Choose the Right Suite and Furnishings

When trying to determine the best suite, you don’t have to make the decision alone! Getting referrals eases the burden as others who have been through the process can guide you towards the best-furnished suites in terms of overall appeal and location. If you’re looking for a furnished suite in Mississauga that’s within range of a shopping centre like Erin Mills Town Centre, or recreational areas; references will gladly provide you with tips. – and they will be honest about their feedback. From the suite’s housekeeping standards, lack of consistency in service, or any issues with the landlord or property manager, you will get all the detail you need to make an informed decision.

Also, it would help to outline the features and amenities that are most important to you. Do you need to be near work or school for your children? Will you need a home office? Is a fitness centre a must? If so, let it be known. This will help to narrow down your search and will make your decision easier, depending on the circumstances.

We live in a time where (almost) everything makes it to social media, so use that to your advantage! Use the internet to check out as many photos as possible of the suite itself, the decor and the furniture. This will help you decide if the furniture provided is in good enough condition to use or if you’ll have to rent or bring your own.

What if You Are Coming in From Another Country?

If you are coming in from another country, whether staying for business or personal travel, it helps to know in advance the reputation of the place you’ve rented. City Gate Suites posts testimonials and reviews of our suites on a consistent basis. It also helps to ask anyone you know in the country you’re heading to for recommendations as well as any local apartment associations. The most important points you’ll be looking for will be access to amenities, the commute, and recreation. The more accessible your place is, the easier your transition will be.

If you’re looking for a good place to start when searching for furnished suites, check out City Gate Suites’ features. Once you see what we offer, your search might end quicker than you think!


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Condos for Rent in Mississauga, Ontario | City Gate Suites

Short Term Rental vs. Condos for Rent in Mississauga, Ontario

Finding accommodation can be a daunting task, especially when you are pressed to do it because of ever-changing circumstances. Whether it be for medical reasons, displacement due to home renovation or relocation after getting your dream job, you need a place that suits your needs. When you are looking for short-term rentals or condos for rent in Mississauga, Ontario, you will need to think about amenities, transport accessibility, and other important facets. What’s the difference? How much more beneficial is one compared to the other? Here are some key factors to evaluate when figuring out which option is best for you.

Amenities and Luxuries

When you are considering condos for rent in Mississauga, Ontario, you you might be looking for state-of-the-art amenities. Whether it’s a gym, party room, theatre room, or even a swimming pool, many condos are known to have a variety of high-quality services at their disposal. Plus, they are often near transit. Chances are you can have your way with MiWay – Mississauga’s transit system – if you rent condos in the area.

Short-term rentals often offer the same amenities that condos offer. If you are on a quick business trip or staying longer for a contract job, some short-term rentals have desks, workstations, and printers to help you get your work done. Plus, these rentals are popular for business people in Mississauga given its proximity to Pearson International Airport and various Fortune 500 company headquarters nearby. Many short-term rentals offer the same luxury amenities you can find in the top condo buildings today as well.

Which is more flexible?

Short-term rentals and condos are in high demand in Mississauga due to a lack of modern hotels in the city. Both allow maximum convenience for your benefit. City Gate Suites short-term rentals provide more flexibility as they are available on a weekly or monthly basis. For instance, if you need somewhere to stay while your home is getting refurbished and need something on the fly that feels like home, short-term rentals will suit you more. You also won’t have to worry about long lease agreements required with condos.

What are the costs to consider?

While short-term rentals may not require a long-term commitment from you, these commitments could come at a cost. Due to the fast turnaround in occupancy, landlords must invest more time in these rentals and therefore, will charge more rent. This includes maintenance fees, cleaning fees, furnishing and any other cost associated with a short-term lease.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is more expensive than a condo rental. In fact, any condo tenant must pay enough rent to cover taxes, insurance as well as condo association fees. It all depends on how long you’re planning to stay, your budget, and what kind of space and amenities you require.

Short-term and condo rentals both have their benefits and pitfalls. But, depending on what you’re comfortable with, they can each give you that home away from home feeling.

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apartments for rent near Mississauga | City gate Suites

Best Locations of Apartments for Rent Near Mississauga

Apartments for rent near Mississauga are quickly becoming a hot commodity. Mississauga is a vibrant city full of culture, industry and energy. With various parks, malls and Pearson International Airport all within close range, Mississauga has all you need in terms of recreation and travel options.

Location is essential when picking out a short-term rental anywhere, and Mississauga, is no different. Here a few recommended areas to consider when looking for apartments for rent near Mississauga:

Port Credit

One of Mississauga’s most mature neighbourhoods, Port Credit is filled with activity and convenience for potential renters to consider. Regarded as Mississauga’s ‘Village on the Lake’, this area boasts quite a few high-end restaurants. You can reach Snug Harbour Seafood Bar and Grill to get a taste of your favourite underwater delicacies while taking in views of the Mississauga Waterfront or you can visit Colossus Greek Taverna for some fine European cuisine.

You will also find a variety of shopping centres, as well as over 400 retail shops and boutiques sure to pique your interests. PSV (Posh Style Vibe) 1 and 2 at Parkside Village are perfect spots to relax and take in this vibrant area, each located just 14 and 13 minutes away respectively. They boast a swimming pool, fitness centre and volleyball court and are within walking distance to Square One Shopping Centre.


If you’re looking for apartments to rent near Mississauga, this northeastern part of the city is one of your more affordable options. It is within close range of businesses located off Airport Rd. and is a cosmopolitan area, attracting many from all over the world.

If you need to get to Toronto, Brampton, or have a flight to catch at Pearson International Airport, Malton is a centralized travel link to all three areas. Restaurants like China Garden and Sweet India, along Airport Rd. are recommended if you’re looking to try something new or remind yourself of home. Pinnacle Crystal, is bit of a drive, but for this great area, it’s well worth it.


A family-friendly neighbourhood boasting small villages and parks such as Meadowvale Conservation Centre, this Mississauga neighbourhood is active and brimming with adventure. It hosts the Meadowvale Town Centre, a community centre, and library, as well as an array of entertainment outlets. You won’t be bored, that’s for sure.

A new, short-term rental you can look at within range is Parkside Village, and it’s also just two blocks away from Celebration Square.

Churchill Meadows

Strip malls and parks dominate this suburban area of Mississauga, offering an old-school feel mixed with newer buildings and a multicultural makeup.

There’s the Churchill Meadows SkatePark for kids and adult skateboard enthusiasts alike, plus a wide selection of pizzerias, bar and grills, in the area to choose from and enjoy. Pinnacle Grand Park is only 15 minutes away from Churchill Meadows, giving you a view of Lake Ontario, the Mississauga Civic Centre and much more.

Finding a location that fits your needs and lifestyle is essential to good travel, and short-term rentals.

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Rentals near Square One | City Gate Suite

The Benefits of Choosing Rentals in Mississauga Near Square One

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is rich with rental opportunities, but why are more and more short-term rent seekers realizing the benefits of choosing rentals in Mississauga near Square One? Located in what’s become the “city centre” of Mississauga, Square One Shopping Centre offers the luxury of a premiere shopping destination, convenient transportation systems, and even a unique venue for community events, entertainment and attractions.

If you’re comparing properties within the GTA, why should you consider rentals in Mississauga near Square One? Here are just a few reasons:

Mississauga is a great place to live

The city of Mississauga has been recognized as one the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area. It’s the third largest city in Ontario, but it’s also close to three major highways, the home of Pearson International Airport, and the global base for 60 Fortune 500 companies. That makes Mississauga ultra convenient for travelers (corporate or personal), commuting within the area, but also, offers the benefits of a large and thriving city.

Square One is a shopping destination for short-term renters

Square One Shopping Centre is at the heart of this convenience and growth of the city as a true destination within the GTA. For short-term renters, being close-by to over 300 stores, restaurants, and even attractions like Playdium and the Living Arts Centre, is a huge advantage. The mall itself recently completed an $85-million renovation making it the third largest mall in Canada, and as a result, is ideal for visiting families, corporate and personal travelers.

Square One is a public transportation hub

Public transportation options connect Square One to the rest of the city, and surrounding cities near and far. You can take the local MiWay buses to get around Mississauga, the Brampton Züm to and from Brampton,  or the TTC for direct routes into the city of Toronto, and even GO transit buses that connect Mississauga to towns and cities across Ontario. Renters looking for easy commuting or travel options will benefit immensely from living close to Square One’s transportation hub.

Luxury short-term rental options around Square One

The commercial and residential area around Square One Shopping Centre, is one of the fastest growing in the province. Within the last few years, it has seen a huge growth in new developments, and even more luxury options for renters. City Gate Suites short-term rental options all include modern interior upgrades, features and amenities to suit the budding upscale lifestyle of the community. Still a more economical choice than a comparable suite in Downtown Toronto, rentals in the area are ideal for short-term stays, corporate relocation or travel, and even personal extended travel because of their convenience and luxury amenities.  


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apartments for rent near Mississauga | City Gate Suites

How to Evaluate Apartments for Rent Near Mississauga

For those on the hunt, there are tons of options available for apartments for rent near Mississauga. In part, this is due to its proximity to the city of Toronto (Canada’s largest), but also the thriving neighbouring communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that offer so much to potential renters. When there are so many options, it can be difficult to evaluate and ultimately, choose the right apartment for your needs.

If you’re looking for apartments for rent near Mississauga, here are a few things you should consider:

How long are you staying in Mississauga?

If you know you’re in the market for a short-term rental, that will help you eliminate many of the rental listings available. Don’t worry, this is a good thing! You can focus on finding opportunities designed to accommodate short-term stays. Properties like City Gate Suites provide luxury short-term housing solutions across Mississauga for corporate accommodations, re-locations, medical stays and even personal travel, because short-term renters have different needs and considerations. If you’re not looking to lock into a year-long rental contract, consider your options in Mississauga for short-term or extended stay rentals.

What are your preferences for features and amenities?

We’d all love to find an apartment with “all the bells and whistles”, but it’s more important to find the best fit for your lifestyle. For example, if you have a young family, perhaps you need two bathrooms, an ensuite washer/dryer, a larger kitchen, and close access to a daycare or school. If you’re a business traveler in town for an extended stay, your top amenities or features might be a home office space or business centre, easy access to the airport or transportation into downtown Toronto, and a nearby gym or fitness centre. That’s not to say you won’t find stunning boutique-style accommodations with tons of high-end amenities for rent in Mississauga. But, let your lifestyle dictate how you evaluate the amenities and what a property has to offer.

Does location matter?

The city of Mississauga is the third largest city in Ontario, and sixth largest by population in Canada. While size of the city doesn’t necessarily matter, it comes with some serious advantages as a renter. The city is equipped with excellent transportation systems and direct access to surrounding cities and communities. Mississauga’s Square One Shopping Centre is the second largest mall in Canada, providing a shopping destination, entertainment complex, a variety of restaurants and hub for transportation routes in and out of the city. Short-term renters are close-by to schools, hospitals, parks and recreation facilities, community events and activities, etc. With properties located throughout Mississauga, you can find a City Gate Suites short-term rental in an area that’s ideal for you: near the mall, a major highway, a quiet residential street, or even with lake views.

Looking for a place to stay in Mississauga?
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The Top 4 Restaurants in Mississauga for Families

Are you spending time in Mississauga with your family? If so, dining out will be an integral part of the experience. Where should you have a delicious meal with your kids? That’s the million dollar question. While many establishments offer amazing food, some of them aren’t particularly suitable for a family experience.

There are many pizza places and chains in Mississauga that are also represented in other parts of the world. The following list, however, will focus on the top restaurants in Mississauga that welcome families.

Peter’s on Eglinton

Ranked the second best restaurant in Mississauga by TripAdvisor members, Peter’s on Eglinton is a stylish dining place that welcomes both younger and older visitors.

Classified as a comfort food restaurant, Peter’s on Eglinton features a casual atmosphere and a moderate price range. Comfortable booths and daily specials make every single visit an exciting event. When it comes to the food, Peter’s on Eglinton does have a kids menu. Parents can choose among an array of delicious options like souvlaki, chicken parmigiana, New York sirloin steak, seafood and an array of sandwiches.

Union Social Eatery

Union Social Eatery is another place deserving its position among the top restaurants in Mississauga for families. The interior is spacious, a beautiful bar is located in the center of the dining room and the restaurant also features a flat screen TV.

The premium casual restaurant has moderately priced meals and is recognized for the delicious burgers. The meal size is impressive, the service is good and fast. When it comes to pleasing children, Union Social does have a kids menu. Some of the entries in the menu include parmesan cheese bites, chicken fingers, chicken garlic Caesar and the so-called Kid’s UFO Burger (homemade and hand-pressed beef burger).

Piatto Bistro

Piatto Bistro is the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence holder due to the fact that it gets consistently great reviews. There are several reasons why it ranks among the top restaurants in Mississauga for families.

The fine dining Italian restaurant is open to families with kids and while the menu is smaller than what the other entries in the list have to offer, all of the entrees are outstanding. The restaurant is also recognized for the excellent service.

On top of the standard menu, the restaurant features monthly specials that highlight seasonal ingredients. Some of the menu entries you should definitely try include the Caprese salad, grilled seafood, the spaghettini pescatore, chicken picatta, veal scaloppini and the grilled lamb tenderloin. There’s also a delicious dessert selection.

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Where to Grab the Best Mississauga Late Night Eats

It’s late and you may be tired, but that doesn’t mean you want to go to bed hungry. Whether you are just getting off work or heading home from the club, the following are some Mississauga late night eats that hit the spot perfectly.


If you like Asian food, you are going to fall in love with Axia’s menu. They create the best Asian dishes this side of Beijing. Everything on their menu is prepared using meticulously crafted recipes that use only the freshest and finest ingredients. For a late night bite to eat, Axia simply can’t be beat.

Paramount Fine Foods

Paramount has given late night eats a whole new dimension. They have taken standard Pakistani street fare and given it an upper class touch. Their baked breads, BBQ meats, and delicious handmade sweet treats are guaranteed to ease your evening hunger pangs.

San Franceso Foods

There’s something appealing about a late night pasta run. At San Francesco Foods you will find the best Italian style pasta, steaks, chicken, and veal in the country. Best of all, you can pair your late night eats with a glass of wine to relax, or a piping hot cup of espresso to perk up.

Charlie’s Caribbean Cuisine

Fancy a bite of the Caribbean but don’t have time to head to St. Kitts? It’s not a problem because you can simply drive down the road to Charlie’s. From the Pumpkin and Shrimps, to the Calaloo and Saltfish, each dish features a magnificent blend of spices and flavors that you are sure to savor.

Border MX

Feel like making a run for the border? No need to when you can simply head on into Border MX to get your fajita or taco fix. Their tacos, nachos, burritos, and sopapillas are worthy of the accolades they receive. Everything is served up fast and fresh, and if you are in a hurry, they will be happy to put everything in a take-out bag for you to take on down the road.

Sindhi Indian Street Food

Fancy some eggplant fries, Pav Bhaji, or a full meal? Sindhi Indian Street food is always served fast and fresh. You can dine on succulent prawns, delight in a tender Tundey Ke Kebab, or sink your teeth into a succulent banana leaf fish.

McAdams’s Restaurant

This fantastic family run restaurant features Serbian and Canadian food for you to enjoy. It’s a wonderful place to head when you are not quite ready to head home. You can sit and relax in the fun atmosphere as people mingle and enjoy the live music that’s frequently playing in the background.

Guru’s Fine Indian & Chinese Cuisine

Having trouble deciding between curry and terriyaki? You can have both when you stop by Guru’s Fine Indian & Chinese Cuisine. Their menu features perfectly sized portions of your favorite dishes. Moreover, the atmosphere makes this a peaceful and quiet place to relax and wind down your day.

Eat More Restaurant & Cafe

Start the meal off with a Chicken Tikka and kick it up a notch by sampling the Beef Karahi. You can keep it light by sticking to a kebab, or go all in and order the Mutton Chops. Each dish is simply unforgettable and you’ll definitely want to return time and time again.

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The Top 5 Coffee Shops Mississauga Has

One of the best benefits of living in the Mississauga area is that it is home to many great coffee shops. This allows residents to start the day off right with a fresh brewed cup of coffee as they head off to work, to school or going out for a day of fun. If you are staying at one of the great City Gate Suite’s rentals there is sure to be a popular coffee shop near you. To help you find the best café in your area below is a list of the top five coffee shops Mississauga has to offer.

1. Apricot Tree Café

The Apricot Tree Café is one of the area’s most beloved coffee shops Mississauga. Along with a wide variety of coffee options, including cappuccinos and Café au Lattes, this shop also has an adult coffee beverage menu. Customers also can purchase all types of baked goods, such as seafood, salmon, or pork crepes.

  1. French Corner Patisserie

This great French café located on Dundas St W in Mississauga has an extensive hot beverage menu that includes coffee, cappuccinos, teas, hot cocoa, and more. Customers also can enjoy a range of freshly baked goods, such as cakes, macaroons, and pies. You can even enjoy lunch at the café by purchasing any of the soup, salad, or sandwich options.

  1. Adobe Café

Are you looking for a freshly brewed cup of coffee, a great-tasting cappuccino, hot tea, cold beer, pop, or wine? Then, the Adobe Café is the right spot for you. If hot beverages are not enough for you, be sure to try a delicious sandwich, Quesadilla, burrito, wrap, or bagel sandwich that are baked fresh every day.

4. Second Cup

No matter what type of drink you are looking for, you are likely to find it at the Second Cup. This coffee shop is famous for is extensive selection of hot beverages, which includes menu items like brewed iced tea, caffe latte, espresso, cappuccino, earl gray tea, hot and frozen chocolate, apple cider and much more. Guests also can enjoy full use the café’s Wi-Fi and any of the shop’s homemade pastries.

5. Studio 89

Located in Canadian Place, Studio 89 offers everything from freshly brewed coffee to hot tea to specialty drinks like cappuccinos. As one of the best coffee shops Mississauga, it offers a selection of Paninis, Quesadillas, soups, and salads, along with a many vegan and gluten-free menu options. Best of all, when you shop a Studio 89, you are helping the community in a big way. This non-profit café gives all of its profits to the Youth Troopers for Global Awareness (YTGA), which helps youth in the local area.

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